Milk, it rules my life these days.  Goats milk and cow milk, I’m either milking it, straining it, storing it, feeding it, freezing it, making soap with it, or making cheese with it.

I think about production, how much the goats are producing, and how much product I’m producing from it.  How can we maximize it?  Where the heck can I put it all?


We have three does in milk right now, two Nigerian Dwarf goats, Ashes and Moonflower, and our Saanen, Daisy.  Daisy is still nursing her kid, so I’m not getting her full supply.  We are averaging about one gallon a day.

The kids, our bottle babies, are drinking cow’s milk.  They do great on it, and it allows me to use the goat milk for soap and cheese.  I am feeding approximately 3/4 gallon of cow milk a day.  They will be on whole milk until they are ten weeks old.


We also have six human kids, so we use over a gallon a day for them, and my 6′ 4″ husband loves milk.  That’s right, this house goes through two to three GALLONS of milk per day.

Seriously, we need a cow.



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