The Long Winter

It has felt like such a long winter this year, but maybe its just me.

It may just be my anxiousness for this spring.  I have plans of expanding the barn, building new feeders, making things more efficient, goat babies and shearing of alpacas.  Spring will also usher in new farmer’s markets and craft events that I want to be a part of.

Over the past few months, we have welcomed new animals to the herd.  After quarantines, and blood tests, everyone is settled in and doing well.

Sadie is our new Nigerian dwarf doe.  She is a beautiful black, white and gray doe with a great udder.  She was a mess on the milk stand at first, but now is a pro.  She is also much healthier now.  Yay Sadie!


Daisy Mae is a one year old saanen doe, who is due to have her kids any day now.  We have been on baby watch for the past week.  I purchased her already bred, so I’m not sure of her exact dates.  We have some great video of her kids moving, as well as an early contraction, over on our facebook page.  Hopefully we will have a birthing video before too long.  We are expecting at least 1 gallon of milk per day from her after she freshens.


Tony Stark was very happy to welcome his new friends, Elsa and Anna, two female alpacas.  Elsa is four years old, and Anna is six.  They were a bit skeptical the first day or two, but now glide about like they own the place.  Elsa is white, and Anna is red with a white stripe on her forehead.  Perfect names right?  Thanks to my “Frozen” obsessed three year old for the idea.


And now on to our newest babies.

Cocoa and Caramel are lamancha doelings.  Lamancha goats are the only goat developed in America, and they are easy to spot by their almost complete lack of any external ear.  Lamanchas can have either an elf ear, being under two inches, and curved either up or down, or a gopher ear which cannot be more than one inch of exposed ear.  These girls both have an elf ear.


Vanilla-bean, aka Bean, and Cookie are Nubian/Alpine crossed doelings.  And then we have Ronda, who is a sweet little nigerian dwarf doeling that was born in December.  They are all gregarious and funny little ladies.

Oh man, our newest addition… Jean-luc is a purebred lamancha buck, who will be the herdsire for our full size goats.  He is a beauty and has an impressive pedigree.  Almost every doe in his lineage has earned their dairy star, along with the highest scores in their linear appraisals.  We plan on showing him at goat shows.  And on top of all that, he is a complete and total love bug.  I’ll miss snuggling with him when he grows up to be a big stinky buck.screenshot_20180224-1641151127298185.jpg

So, now we wait for Daisy’s kids.  Next month will be Ashes and Moonflower, who got frisky with Odin without permission, little floozies.  I just had Sadie bred to Odin last week, so we should expect kids from her in July.

So many exciting things on the horizon, come on spring!




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