Virginia Vacation 2017

Our big trip in the spring of this year, was to Williamsburg, VA.  We spent 8 days exploring Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement and Bush Gardens.

We used Air BNB for the first time ever.  Overall, it was a good experience.  The house was nice, with lots of room to stretch out.  We had couple of strange nights there, but they were pretty harmless.

The owner had told us that he was staying at his girlfriends while we were there.  He showed up the second night and, he said that he would be staying for the remainder of the week in the attached guest apartment.  The next night, we returned for our exploring to find a couple parked in the driveway, peering through the windows of our rental, with their hands up against the glass.  It was more than a little strange.

They were booked to stay in the apartment for the next 3 nights.  The property owner’s car was there, and his dogs were outside, but he wasn’t answering the door or their phone calls.  his dogs stayed outside, barking at our window, until 2am.  I messaged the owner and told him that my kids couldn’t sleep, and then the dogs stopped.

They following day, the other couple showed up again, and still no response to door knocks or phone calls.  This time, the dogs were inside, but his car was still there.  When we woke up int he morning, his car was gone.  We never talked to him during our stay.  It was freaky.

The kids absolutely loved Williamsburg and Jamestown.  They not only enjoyed the property, but also the activities.  They were able to help the brick maker to work clay with their bare feet.  It was mucky and muddy, the loved it.  Another big hit was the lumber area.  We learned about how lumber was milled in colonial times.  The reenactment was amazing.  So much work and pride put into everything that they did. The kids are determined to build a playhouse using colonial techniques.  We shall see how that goes.

I highly recommend purchasing the bounce pass.  We had the spring bounce pass.  It gives you access to both Colonial Williamsburg and Bush Gardens for 7 full days.  We were able to visit both parks on multiple days.  At $99 for adults, and $79 for children, it is very worth the money!

This is definitely a trip that I would take again when the kids are a little older, although maybe next time, we will stay somewhere else.




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