Setting Sail on Our Educational Journey

After years of research, planning, doubt, questions, determination,  more doubt and more planning; we are setting out on our educational journey.

Homeschooling is a polarizing word.  The mere utterance can make friends, or alienate people who you thought were friends.  It is one of those topics that seems to bring out strong emotions for some people.

I have always thought of home schoolers as a brave, and kind of mysterious.  How did they do it?  We live in a judgemental time, how do they deal with the scrutiny? The more I looked in to it, the more I realized that they are mostly just regular people who want to do the best for their children.  That is something I can get behind.

Still, I had so many questions.   Can you really teach your own kids at home?  Will they learn? How do you not loose patience?  What about “socialization?” What will people think, or worse, what will people say? Will my kids be weird?   Will they make friends?

Yes, thousands of people really do teach their kids at home.  The home schooled kids I’ve met have always seemed polite and intelligent.

They not only learn, they learn how to learn.  They learn to explore the world around them.  I’m sure sometimes I will loose my patience,  and so will they.

Socialization will happen.  They will be exposed to other home schooled children, other people in their activities and sports and people that we interact with.

Right now, I spend an awful lot of time telling them not to behave or act like their friends at school.  I want them to discover who they are and spend time with people who enjoy the same things and who appreciate them, as opposed to the people they happened to be near in a classroom all day.

As far as what people think or say?  I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter.  We have one life to live, and I want to spend as much of it as I can with the peoplethat I love.   I want to prepare them for a happy life.  I believe that this is the best way for us to do that.

What’s in a name?

There are lots of reasons to give our home school a name.  It gives us the sense of being official.  The kids think it’s awesome.  It will look good on job applications and for college. Mostly,  why not?

I let the kids think up possibilities for our name.  There were some interesting suggestions to be sure.  Everyone kept coming back to the words lake (which we live near) hill (which our house is on) and academy  (because…how cool!). That it how Lakehill Academy was born.

The Plan

Our plan is to operate as an eclectic, secular home school.  We will combine some elements of a classic learning system, adding and subtracting the things that work for us.  My goal is to update this blog as we grown and evelove.

My hope is that this will not only be a healthy outlet for me, but also may be of help to other people wanting to make this change for their family.  There is such a vast sea of knowledge out there, navigating it can seem challenging.   My goal is to navigate it as a family, and to enjoy the jorney.


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